Design Sprint Training

Discover and learn the updated Design Sprint process 2.0 in a highly interactive hands-on training. We will give you an in-depth understanding of the Sprint Methodology, and finally give you some great facilitation skills and tips. We will teach you everything you need to run your own Remote and In-Person Design Sprint.

They all run Product Design Sprints! Why don’t you?

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Learn how to run Design Sprints with ease

Our Design Sprint training teaches you the most up-to-date version of the Sprint with the help of industry-leading Design Sprint facilitation techniques. We’ve compiled a toolkit that has everything you need to run your own Design Sprints with easy-to-follow instructions and information throughout the whole training. This has been tried and tested with some of the world’s largest companies over the past years. Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

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Become an Innovation Master

Design Sprint preparation guideHover Image

Design Sprint Preparation Guide

Editable Presentation Slides for Design SprintsHover Image

Editable Presentation Slides

User test guide for Design SprintsHover Image

User Tester Recruitment Guide

Amaze with Design Sprint resultsHover Image

Design Sprint Delivery Template

Keep the momentum with a Design SprintHover Image

Design Sprint Team Momentum

Design Sprint tips and tricksHover Image

Secret Expert Tips and Methods

Design Sprint Masterclass CertificationHover Image

Design Sprint Facilitator Certification

This training Bootcamp is perfect for challenges in start-ups, medium-sized businesses, or large corporations. All you need is a suitable relevant challenge and an interdisciplinary team.

Who will benefit from a Design Sprint Training?

Product People & Designers

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When you start a new project, do you have difficulties aligning with your team and making clear decisions?

Managers & Team Leads

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Do you get caught up in your ideas and struggle to decide which duties are the most important to complete?

Consultants & CEOs

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Do you find aligning with clients results in time-consuming conversations and meetings in which you cannot seem to reach an agreement?

Yes? Then just learn to run Remote and In-Person Design Sprints like a PRO and build a team of decision-making and problem-solving experts.

Even if the name suggests, the Design Sprint training is NOT just for designers. Those who have used this type of process and innovation method have successfully demonstrated that anyone can benefit from it.

In short, this training is perfect for: Product People, Marketers, Designers, Engineers, Team Leads, Consultants, CEOs, Process Gurus and Continuous Improvement Experts. All that’s left to do now is to gather your team and work through the major issue you’re trying to resolve!

The most complete Design Sprint Training package

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All of the materials included are used in the actual DSS Design Sprint

Step-by-Step Design Sprint Guide

Design Sprint Presentation Slides (Editable)

The Sprint Preparation Guide

Room & Materials Setup Requirements

User Tester Recruitment Guide

User Tester Recruitment Survey

Design Sprint Delivery Template

Introduction to the ‘Iteration Sprint’

NEW Remote Design Sprint Guide

Digital Online Whiteboard Templates

Add-On #1

Remote Sprint Training

Remote Design Sprint MaterialsHover Image

Learn everything you need to know to run a Remote Design Sprint with our add-on training for remote workshop situations. It’s the perfect companion to our in-person Design Sprint training.

Add-On #2

Sprint Facilitator Certification

Design Sprint Facilitator CertificateHover Image

Once you complete the Sprint training, you will receive your official DSS Design Sprint Facilitator Certification, signed and suitable for framing (frame NOT included).

Add-On #3

Printed Design Sprint Booklet

Printed Design Sprint Bootcamp BookletHover Image

Besides a digital version, you will receive our printed accompanying step-by-step guide. The Design Sprint Bootcamp booklet is our latest, step-by-step training companion.

Book the Design Sprint Training which has everything you need to run your own Design Sprint now.

What our clients say

We’ve trained many teams and clients all around the world. Here’s what they have to say…

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Our training teaches you the most up-to-date version of the Design Sprint with the help of industry-leading facilitation techniques. From years of experience in running Design Sprints, we tailor the training package around your organisation workflow, suiting your team and product needs.

Use time efficiently and minimise risk with product ideas. Empower your team to lead themselves and build the best product possible.