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How people experience your product matters

As user experience and product designers, we help to shape such interactions between you and your customers in order to stand out from the competition. We support you in the design, conception, and execution of your products and can even organize and conduct interviews with your customers, in person or remotely. We call this a human-centered approach, which will drive your business forward.

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UX Design and Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is part of a current trend: the continuous improvement of the User Experience (UX) and specifically the User-Centered Design (UCD).

Today, the key to success is continuous improvement of the User Experience (UX). But this is only part of a much larger sequence, the customer lifecycle:

Customer lifecycle become aware stage

Stage 1

Become aware

Emma was watching TV and saw an ad from an online shop with a red dress she fell in love with.

Customer lifecycle learn evaluate stage

Stage 2

Learn & Evaluate

She grabs her tablet and connects to the website of the online store.

Customer lifecycle buy subscribe pay stage

Stage 3

Buy, Subscribe or Pay

Emma checks the dress carefully and decides to buy it.

Customer lifecycle administer control stage

Stage 4

Track & Receive Order

She is looking forward to her new dress and tracks the package daily. Emma finally received it at home two days later.

Customer lifecycle use consume stage

Stage 5

Use & Consume

The dress fits like a glove and she is happy about looking absolutely beautiful.

The above experience combines the visual and soundtrack of a TV commercial, the simplicity of ordering on a website, the impatience of waiting for her package to arrive, and the joy of trying on a new outfit. To visualize this experience as a TV series scriptwriter would do, a perfect knowledge of the target audience is necessary, because any problem can interrupt the entire process.

Empathize with your users

Understanding the needs of your future users is probably the real challenge of a Design Sprint or any product design process.

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What are the key features of the App? What will make your user validate the purchase?

Companies operating in a digital world must constantly innovate and stay ahead of their competitors. For a design to be effective, you need to initially test your design with real users at a very early stage. By presenting your product to objective and unbiased users, you can quickly identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

The huge advantage of Design Sprint is that in a few days, a prototype will be created and tested, with no code having been written. Ultimately, a real time saver and a unique possibility to be wrong without too many consequences.

Remember, a prototype is just a TEST, not the real product!

Why UX?

A meaningful user experience allows you to identify the customer journeys in your product that contribute most to business success.


Create products adapted to the target audience

Integrating the user into the design

Test the ergonomic aspects

Iteratively improve the product


Long-term accompaniment

User interviews

Experience mapping

Customer care


Interaction design


A product that evolves in an agile way

A product for real user’s needs

A roadmap of upcoming features

A dialogue between the customer and its users

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Breaking down projects into one or two week sprints allows the freedom and flexibility for both us and our clients to pivot and iterate to great product launches quality user experiences. Rather than trying to do everything at once, we believe that quick and simple iterations based on frequent user and client feedback are the best approach to creating the best work.

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