Leadership & Executive Team Retreat

Develop strategies for the future, enhance teamwork and improve leadership skills.

A leadership retreat, set in an inspiring environment away from the everyday office routine, provides managers and teams with an opportunity to strategize, enhance collaboration, and improve leadership skills. Activities typically include workshops, team-building exercises, reflection, and leisure activities to foster creativity and well-being, tailored to suit the retreat’s objectives.

Leadership and Executive Team Retreat Workshop

We guide leaders and executives by steering their teams away from constant firefighting and “busy work” through our battle-tested Sprint workshop methods. Our approach compresses months of reflection and planning into just a few action-driven workdays. This aligns teams, produces tangible outcomes, and saves time, resources, and money.


Need to align your leadership team around a common vision and strategy?

Many leaders and executives encounter similar challenges that often stem from underlying issues:


Decision paralysis

Without a clear decision-making framework, leaders can face delays and competitive disadvantages due to difficult and lengthy decision processes.


Lack of alignment

Leaders may feel unsure about the company’s goals and priorities, which can lead to confusion, wasted effort, and a focus on activities that don’t contribute to overall success.


Lack of direction

Leaders may feel unsure about the company’s goals and priorities, which can lead to confusion, wasted effort, and a focus on activities that don’t contribute to overall success.


Communication silos

Information gaps and unclear communication between teams create confusion and hinder collaboration.


Wasted resources

Without a plan, executives may invest in initiatives that don’t align with the overall business goals. This can lead to wasted time, money, and employee effort.


Resistance to change

Leaders who resist change fail to innovate, which can result in stagnation and a lack of competitiveness in the market.

A high-performing leadership team is the backbone of a thriving organization. Our Leadership Workshop Retreats empower leaders to overcome these challenges and unlock their full potential.

15 minutes. 100% obligation-free.


What is a leadership workshop retreat like?

Ideal locations for a Leadership Retreat offer a quiet, inspiring environment, separate from daily life’s hustle and bustle. The location choice depends on the retreat’s specific objectives, the budget, and participants’ preferences. The environment is crucial as it sets the mood and encourages open thinking and communication. Just tell us your needs, and we will make it happen.

The specific activities conducted at the retreat depend on its objectives. Typical activities include:

Workshops and training sessions are conducted to enhance leadership skills, solve problems, and make better decisions.

Reflection periods are provided for participants to contemplate their personal goals and roles within the team.

Team building activities are designed to boost trust and cooperation within the team.

Strategic planning sessions to discuss the direction of the organization or team.

Networking and leisure activities are organized to help participants relax and form stronger bonds.

Ready to take your leadership to the next level? Experience a transformative leadership retreat designed to empower you and your team.

Our mantra: Don’t have a meeting, throw a workshop!


Your leadership team has developed a clear vision and effective strategy for success


Fast-tracked clarity

Quickly align leaders by condensing strategy development and enforcing clear decision-making.


Improved alignment

Promote leadership collaboration to ensure alignment with the strategy and clear role definition.


Strengthened collaboration

Interactive team-building activities and facilitated discussions will foster trust, communication, and a collaborative spirit within the leadership team.


Clear direction

A clear strategic direction helps avoid confusion, optimizes effort, and guarantees everyone’s contribution towards the company’s objectives.


Clear leadership vision

A clear and compelling leadership vision that aligns with your organization’s goals and values, guiding your team toward success.


Increased innovation

Creative problem-solving techniques and brainstorming sessions will spark innovation and generate new ideas for growth and development.


How does the leadership workshop retreat work?

Our custom Leadership Workshop Retreat leverages cutting-edge innovation methods like Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Behavior Change, and Business Strategy to empower your team. This structured, hands-on approach condenses months of reflection and planning into action-oriented tasks, fostering aligned teams and tangible results.

You’ll achieve this through our 5 C’s framework (connect, collect, choose, create, commit), a creative problem-solving framework with five key steps: connecting for collaboration, clarifying the problem, finding solutions, selecting and designing the best option, and creating an action plan. This practical tool equips individuals and teams to develop ideas and make informed decisions.

Connect 5 Cs framework

Step 1


Establish a connection with all participants to foster open communication and collaboration.

Innovation Toolkit Session 1

Step 2


Gather all relevant information, insights, and challenges from participants.

Strategy Sprint Day 2 Define Challenges

Step 3


Prioritize and select the most important challenges or problems to address.

Strategy Sprint Day 3 Generate Ideas and Decide

Step 4


Develop solutions and action plans based on the chosen ideas.

Strategy Sprint Day 4 Action Steps and Roadmap

Step 5


Ensure that participants commit to implementing the agreed-upon solutions or actions.


Who is the leadership workshop retreat for?

We’ve conducted Leadership Workshop Retreats for a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government teams. Our attendees have ranged from executives and strategic planners, to IT and product design leads.

CEOs & Executives

Leadership Workshop Retreat Participants CEOs Executives

Do you find it challenging to identify the appropriate strategic improvement area or define a vision when initiating an innovation project?


Leadership Workshop Retreat Participants Managers

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, finding it challenging to determine which strategic tasks should take priority?

Team Leads

Leadership Workshop Retreat Participants Team Leads

Do you find that developing solutions results in time-consuming meetings where you can’t seem to reach an agreement?

Yes? Let’s develop a clear vision + successful strategy together in just under 1 week.

We believe that our proven 5 C’s framework for strategic planning should be an integral part of an organization’s culture. When implemented, it leads to more cohesive teamwork, an action-oriented strategy, and ultimately, better products for customers.

Think big, start small.


What you get from us

We confidently guide leadership teams to future-proof their business, aligning seamlessly on big challenges and strategizing the most effective solutions. Here are the tangible outcomes you can expect from a Leadership Workshop Retreat:

Pre Design Sprint research


Time timer for Design Sprints

1-3 Days
Leadership Retreat

Pre Design Sprint research


Full team alignment

Full Leadership

A set of clear guiding policies to establish direction

Guiding Policies

Roadmap with experiments

with Experiments

Documentation results


Executive Summary


What we need from you

We will help you maximize the benefits of your Leadership Retreat. All you need to bring are your challenges, ideas, expertise, and energy.

Project leader or decider is necessary for Design Sprints


You need a business idea or challenge for a Design Sprint

Strategy Challenge

Mixed team of experts for Design Sprints

Mixed Team
of your Experts

Design Sprint schedule

4 Days of
your Time

After your Leadership Workshop Retreat, the next steps become significantly easier. Many of our clients use the results to align their leadership teams, identify new markets to target, create new businesses, or understand the value that various divisions and functions bring to the business.

Take your leadership to the next level. Start now!


You have 2 options now

Leaders without Retreat Workshop

Strategy can be challenging

70% busy work in teams

Endless meetings

Frustration and stress

100-500K salaries

Disorganized initiatives

Leaders with Retreat Workshop

Straightforward method

Fast results

Focus and clear direction

Happiness and productivity

Cost and time savings

Clear roadmap

Ready to ditch the frustration and unlock the leader within? Escape the endless meetings and frustration with our proven method. Book your Leadership Workshop Retreat now and unlock a path to focus, happiness, and real results for your team.

Take your vision + strategy to the next level. Get started today!


Questions we get frequently

If you never heard of leadership retreats, sprint workshops or innovation methods in general, this page provides help with the most common questions. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, reach out to us anytime on phone, chat, or email.

Who should attend this leadership retreat?

The retreat is ideal for managers, team leaders, executives, and anyone in a leadership role looking to improve their leadership skills and drive innovation within their teams.

What does the schedule look like for the retreat?

A detailed schedule will be put together according to your needs and communicated in advance.

What type of activities will be included?

Activities will include workshop exercises, leadership exercises, group discussions, and team-building events according to your needs. Each activity is designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and leadership development.

Is there any free time scheduled during the retreat?

Yes, the schedule includes some free time for relaxation, networking, and personal reflection.

Where will the retreat be held?

The retreat, a place of tranquility and rejuvenation, will be held at a location that is meticulously chosen based on your specific needs and requirements.


We pride ourselves on our close partnerships with a select group of providers who offer exceptional venues. These venues are renowned for their conducive environments which seamlessly blend both learning and relaxation to create an experience that will invigorate your mind and calm your senses. Whether you require a serene lakeside lodge or a peaceful mountain retreat, just convey to us your preferences, your needs, and your desires.


Our dedicated team will then tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations. We believe in the power of personalized experiences and we are committed to making your retreat a memorable one. Just express your needs and leave the rest to us, and we will make it happen.

What is the cost for the retreat?

The overall expense incurred for the retreat is contingent upon your specific requirements.


If you choose for the basic plan, it may only encompass the workshop.


However, a more comprehensive package could potentially provide a host of additional amenities. This might cover not just the workshop but also accommodation in comfortable and well-furnished rooms, diverse meals catering to different dietary preferences, necessary materials for the workshop to ensure a seamless learning experience, and a variety of engaging activities designed to facilitate relaxation and team-building.

What other services do you offer?

We offer top-notch services for product strategy, design, innovation, workshop design and facilitation, as well as practical innovation training for businesses. We can help you build products or services based on real customer needs, enabling innovation-led growth. Our aim is to enable teams to achieve their best work without relying on luck or genius. We also offer consulting services to assist you in creating an MVP or implementing a new agile workflow. Furthermore, we will be your go-to consultant for any questions you have about completed workshops or training.

How does the process work from beginning to end?

After our analysis conversation, we will create a detailed project plan that includes all the necessary steps. You will receive regular updates, and we will continuously coordinate to ensure that the result meets your expectations.

How is communication managed during the project?

Open and transparent communication is essential to us. We use email, phone, Slack, Notion, and possibly video conferencing tools to regularly exchange information and keep you informed about the project’s progress.

What changes are possible during the process?

We can make adjustments at any time, as long as they are within the scope of the original project. However, the extent to which we can make changes depends on the project. For significant modifications, we will discuss the impact on the schedule and costs.

How is support managed after a project is finished?

Once the project is complete, we are available to answer any questions and provide support. Depending on the agreement, we may also offer creative direction, process support, workshop facilitation, or optimization services.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the end product?

Our top priority is your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the results, we will work together to find a solution that best implements your ideas. However, we have never had an unsatisfied customer before.

Why us?

Design Sprints and other Design Thinking related workshops are a wonderful, structured, human-centered approach used for practical and creative problem-solving. They can, however, go completely wrong if you don’t have the right experts around, who can guide you through challenging decisions and bring in their perspective. In order to assist you, we draw on decades of real-world experience in the fields of design, entrepreneurship, and strategy in both startups and large corporations. Because we’ve been there too, we can identify with your situation. We know and understand what you’re up against, and we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed, guaranteeing you real added value and the highest quality in every aspect.

Why Sprint workshops?

Unorganized brainstorms tend to favor extroverts over introverts and to place importance on quantity over quality. In summary, they are an unsuitable choice for coming up with necessary solutions.


Below are the main reasons you should opt for the Design Sprint approach instead:


✅ In sprints, group and individual tasks can coexist peacefully and effectively. Structured, timed exercises promote a variety of perspectives and developed ideas (with distractions reduced to the barest minimum).


✅ You get a tangible and reproducible problem-solving process that you can use whenever you want to advance your business ideas.


✅ Obtaining authentic feedback from your target users allows you to advocate design based on data and not bias or intuition.


✅ Before investing a lot of time and money, you can secure buy-in from stakeholders right from the start.


✅ As a result, you will get a solution that has been prototyped and tested.

What are the core principles of our workshops?

1. Working Together Alone (removing personal biases and levelling the playing field)

➡️ The group works in the same room, while each person has time and space to form their own individual ideas and thoughts.


☝️ Why? To equalize different personalities and levels of hierarchy.


2. Tangible (ideas) over Discussion

➡️ Instead of discussing and trying to convince others of our point of view, we let the ideas speak for themselves by writing, sketching or showing examples.


☝️ Why? To avoid different interpretations & misunderstandings.


3. Getting Started over Being Right

➡️ Rather than waiting until we all agree that everything is “perfect”, we make decisions, move forward, and test our hunches quickly.


☝️ Why? To break the cycle of decision paralysis & make some progress!


4. Don’t rely on creativity

➡️ Instead of expecting each person to “feel” creative at the right moment, we use the process to inspire, inform and prepare for idea generation.


☝️ Why? Because creativity is unpredictable.

Why using an external facilitator or consultant?

Every company faces complicated times, big problems, or risky situations. Teams need to take important decisions and make alignment fast. As facilitation specialists, we are here to support you in an unbiased and structured manner. Using an external facilitator or consultant allows you to avoid potentially explosive situations and smoothly manage difficult personalities and emotions within a group. Please read our comprehensive article on why an external facilitator should run your next Design Sprint to learn more.

Do you offer other types of Sprints or workshops?

The core of all our workshops uses exercises from tried and tested Design Sprint method while adapting it to the specifics of each challenge. Besides the Design Sprint, we also do offer workshops for brainstorming, ideation, and problem-solving or even for marketing challenges. We recommend using our workshop methods anytime your team needs to make decisions, solve problems or discuss challenges fast + find quick direction. It will prevent your team from losing focus and replace your open, unstructured discussion with a simple process.


Here are some examples of workshops we frequently conduct for companies of all sizes.


🧩 For 1-3 day workshop formats, we offer:


Scoping Workshop: A workshop to scope business challenges, define strategies for desired results, and align with stakeholders.


Innovation Sprint: It quickly identifies the problem space, helping focus on the main challenge for your next innovation project.


Growth Hacking Workshop: This workshop will guide your team in creating actionable growth hacking experiments in a structured manner.


Marketing Campaign Sprint: For tasks such as crafting marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, and content ideas.


OKR Sprint: This simple and effective OKR workshop will help your team gain clarity on which goals to focus on and how they will be measured.


Challenge 360 Sprint: This helps a team align on exactly what to work on or solve, and what to ignore for now.


Strategy Signal Sprint: This helps a team define an end goal and a straightforward strategy for solving a selected challenge.


Plan-O-Rama: This helps a team execute their strategy.


Decision Sprint: This is a general-purpose problem-solving and decision-making workshop that provides tangible, actionable results.


Leadership & Executive Team Retreat: Enhance strategies, teamwork, and leadership skills in a focused workshop retreat that condenses planning into a few action-oriented days.


🧩 For 3-5 day workshop formats, we offer:


Strategy Sprint: For leadership teams to design a successful strategy that positions their company advantageously.


Product Strategy Sprint: Develop a coherent approach to product development, articulated in a Product Strategy with actionable steps.


AI Design Sprint – Process Automation: Quickly identify easy-to-automate processes with AI and develop valuable team solutions.


AI Design Sprint – Products & Services: Confidently infuse AI technology into business products or services for innovative and valuable solutions.


Design Sprint: Before investing time and money, validate ideas and solve complex business issues as a team through prototyping and user testing.


and more.

Do you offer customized workshops or training?

Yes! Many top designers and consultancies around the world have adapted the time-boxed sprint model to special cases. Every situation that demands change can benefit from a tailor-made approach. All organizations, as well as us, have to deal with different situations. There are many different target groups, change requirements, possibilities, and so on. That is why we offer tailor-made workshops to respond to such individual situations and, of course, to keep our clients happy. So if you have a specific issue, we can tailor a workshop or training for your specific needs.

If you have any more questions about Leadership Retreats or any other workshop method, just send us a message. We’d love to learn more about you.


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Gain fresh insights into your business, spark innovation with fellow leaders, and leave with actionable plans to advance your business. Our leadership workshop retreats, offer an opportunity to reconnect with your vision and unleash your full potential.

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